Holding rights arising in favor of "ProfessionalsImmediately24" depending on the "Contract" stipulated with the user, the signaling of service and fulfillment of requests for the services as described above are distributed in favor of the user at no cost or expense for them.

The fees for the services materially executed by the trader at the user's residence or in a different place than indicated, are freely determined between the User and the professional depending on the type of paid work, it is paid directly in favor of the latter.

The payment, in compliance with applicable statutory provisions on the subject, may be carried out by credit card or by bank transfer to IBAN for this purpose specifically communicated by "ProfessionalsImmediately24" to the professional together with the request of the above balance. In case of omitted or delayed payment, they will be charged to the customer's interests to the extent provided by the Legislative Decree no. 231-2002 and successive modifications and integration, in addition to any costs, court or out of court, if made necessary for the recovery, also compulsory, of amounts due. The costs for shipping invoice shall be borne by the trader, unless the same bill requires the transmission by e-mail at e-mail address indicated above which will be updated. If the trader with a verified number of credit card, debit card or bank account information, authorizes "ProfessionalsImmediately24" to use such information and payment transactions to automatically and periodically charge to professionals the amounts due under this contract. The form of payment can not be changed or altered until all amounts due under the conditions have been paid in full or as otherwise agreed upon by the parties in writing.

Applications for the exclusion or cancellation of payments made by credit card can be requested via email to, then will be processed by our administrative office, in case of positive outcome of the request, "ProfessionalsImmediately24" will make a refund of the amount paid by the professional.